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23 Dec 2014

Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough?

Vitamin D in the Body In a recent article on the positive effects of vitamin D on overall health, M.F. Holick provides ample evidence that’s it’s in all our best interest to get “sensible sun exposure along
17 Dec 2014

Chiropractic Care is Better than Physical Therapy

A New Course of Treatment Many back pain sufferers are sent to physical therapists for treatment, but new information reveals chiropractic patients experience far better results. News that chiropractic is effective in treating back pain is not
9 Dec 2014

Kids and Chiropractic Care: Clear Benefits

Do Kids Benefit from Chiropractic Care? The corrective benefits of chiropractic care in adults are well know, but can the same be said for children? Chiropractic care focuses its attention on the central nervous system, ensuring the communication
3 Dec 2014

Use It or Lose It

Get What You Pay For Each year, your insurance company allots you a certain dollar amount of coverage for chiropractic procedures that we offer here at Hannahs Chiropractic. We want to make sure that you take full