Chiropractic Care is Better than Physical Therapy

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A New Course of Treatment

Many back pain sufferers are sent to physical therapists for treatment, but new information reveals chiropractic patients experience far better results. News that chiropractic is effective in treating back pain is not new, but a recent study has more closely examined the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments versus physical therapy treatments, and, more significantly, studied the long-term benefits of chiropractic as measured by the annual number of office visits.

A New Approach Type of Study

This study is different in its approach to judging long-term outcomes in that most studies judge effects through self-reporting: how much pain and disability is the subject feeling before, during, and after treatment. The new approach examines the amount of care patients sought after the first study period through which they could determine the effect of each treatment on future health care consumption:

“Care seeking behavior by patients with low back pain is most commonly associated with increased pain and disability, meaning more care is sought when worse symptoms are experienced. The amount of health care utilized may therefore be used as a measure of patient health status, and thus may be compared between groups of patients to determine effectiveness of certain therapies.”

Study Methods

Out of a group of 191 patients presenting with low back pain, 107 received chiropractic care and 84 patients received active exercise therapy from physical therapists. Patients in both study groups received treated 2 to 4 times per week for four weeks. After the study period ended, subjects were tracked for one year to determine the relative effectiveness of their treatments. The authors found:

Clear Results

38% of the chiropractic care patients and 54% of the physical therapy patients sought care for their back pain during the twelve month follow-up period. Chiro patients averaged 2.2 health care provider visits after the treatment period, while physical therapy patients averaged 6 visits.

“We hypothesized that there would be no group difference in the average number of visits to any healthcare provider. The results demonstrated that actually there were significant group differences during the year after trial participation, with a higher number of visits to any healthcare provider and to a general practitioner in the EP group.”

The authors conclude:

“Based on one-year follow-up data imputed for complete analysis, participants who received physical therapy (exercise program) during a clinical trial attended a higher number of visits to any healthcare provider and to general practitioners during the year after care when compared to participants who received chiropractic care (flexion distraction) within the trail.”

Relief is Real

Studies such a these confirm what millions of people around the world already know: chiropractic care works. If you’re suffering from low back pain, headaches, or fatigue call my office at 360.573.0730 or make an appointment online. During your first visit, I’ll take a complete physical history and conduct an examination, which will guide us in future treatments and every new patient receives a free gift at their first appointment.

There is relief available for chronic pain sufferers. Don’t just accept your discomfort as a fact of life. Call me today and let’s get you on the road to a happier and healthier life. After all, it’s what you deserve.

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